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Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber Monday falls this year on Monday 30 November. That means that you can shop at The Little Green Bag with a great discount! On almost all items you will receive a 15% discount on this day. Normally we do not give a discount on discounted items, but on Cyber Monday we make a one-time exception. For example, did you let your eye fall on an item with a 5% discount? Then we'll still make it a 15% discount! For items with a higher discount percentage, the highest percentage remains applicable.

Calculation example
Do you buy a bag that normally costs € 100,- and is it on sale with a 5% discount? In that case you would receive a € 5,- discount. On Cyber Monday you get a 15% discount, so that's € 15,- discount on the original sales price. So you save another € 10,- extra!
If you want a bag with an original selling price of € 100,-, which is reduced in our sale with 40% discount, then you get the highest discount on Cyber Monday. This means that you get a € 40,- discount.

Our favorite brands for Cyber Monday:
- Cowboysbag
- Shabbies Amsterdam
- Rains
- Fjällräven

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